All memberships include: Unlimited usage of the Batting Cages, Basketball Courts, and Weight Room. All members requesting time to reserve cage usage needs to call in to the front desk to reserve a time slot. Each member is allowed 30 minutes per visit. Members will be offered discounts to camps and personal training sessions. Email or call us for more information on becoming a member!

Individual Membership Rates

1 Year $39.99 x 12months= $480

6 months $42.99 x 6mo= $257.94

3 months $49.99 x 3mo= $149.97

Family Monthly Rate
1 Year $49.99 x 12 =$599.88

6months $52.99 x 6=$317.94

3months $59.99 x 3=$179.97

Month to Month Membership

$65 per Month 


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 Reach us: (980)-354-4344